Killer Pickton (2006)

Robert Pickton, nicknamed the “swineherd-killer”, was active in the territory of Canada between 1983 and 2002, the estimated number of victims: 27-49. The remains found on the Picton pig farm, belonged to the women, most of whom were drug addicts and prostitutes… Original Title: Killer Pickton IMDB Rating: 2.0 Duration: 85 min Release Date: 10.10.2006 […]

Абсолютная власть / Imperium (2016)

The story of a young FBI agent who must go undercover to stop the white racists preparing a terrorist attack. Original Title: Imperium IMDB Rating: 6.5 Duration: 109 min. Release Date: 19.08.2016 Country: USA Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette, Tracy Letts etc. Language: English

Джек Ричер 2: Никогда не возвращайся / Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016)

Ричер решает вернуться в 110-е полицейское управление, чтобы продолжить нести службу на благо своей стране. Оказавшись в участке он узнает, что его старая коллега Сьюзан Тернер арестована по подозрению в получении крупной взятки. Не поверив материалам следствия Джек начинает собственное расследование. Ричеру предстоит освободить Сьюзен и раскрыть заговор, нити которого простираются на самый верх. Стремясь […]

Terra Formars (2016)

In attempts to colonize Mars, scientists of the 21st century… bla-bla-bla… Well. Send the spaceship to Mars, he loses contact with Earth, the second ship goes to investigation. And there, pancake, Martians mutants along the road with braids stand. Original Title: Terra Formars IMDB Rating: 5.0 Duration: 108 min Release Date: 29 April 2016 Country: […]

Necromancy (1972)

The evil Lord Kato has an extraordinary power in a small town called Lilith. Almost all the townspeople are in an occult sect, which runs Kato, and engaged in necromancy, trying to bring back the dead to life. Against the background of these events there is a beautiful young girl, Lori, who is married to […]

Комната мёртвых / The Dead Room (2015)

When the scared family runs from the house in the south of New Zealand, two scientists and the young psychic go to explore it. Routine work turns into hell when they face spirit which doesn’t like their invasion. Before us medium-grade horror film crowded “frightening” moments. Overflowed so that by the end of the movie […]