The Veil – 2016

MAN: We rolling? MAN 2: Yeah. All right. I know I’ve been a little, uh… maybe a little stricter than usual about this kind of thing. But it’s all for a good cause, people. Sometimes you just have to trust me. Aren’t you rolling? You don’t even have the damn thing plugged in. I’ve invited […]

Traumstadt – 1973

DREAM CITY. It’s you, Anna! Everything’s alright. No, no nothing is going on. No, I’m not feeling bad! No, no. Go and take care of your stock exchange people! No, that’s not necessary. I’ll cook something up. Stop treating me like a little child! Call me when you are done. Ciao. Flori! Flori, open the […]

I prosseneti – 1976

THE PANDERERS. Yes, a simple dress. Around 8:30. What is your phone number again? 38-18-60 Good. Do we agree, then? And remember: be very cheerful. Bye, dear. She’s so sweet… She has a beautiful voice. We had so many expenses this week! Two bands for three evenings… plus overtime until dawn. 12 boxes of champagne, […]

Les Trottoirs De Bangkok – 1984

Fucking bastards! In Paris a couple of secret agents watch a film made by a colleage who was murdered in Bangkok. That’s everything Rick left. Where’s his body? Last I saw him he was lying by a wall in the outskirts of Bangkok perforated by bullets. This film, depicting street life, served as a cover. […]

Night Of The Bloody Apes – 1969

Who is it? Arturo. Don’t get upset. I came to wish you luck. Thanks, love. Help me put on my mask. She’s not well. Call the doctor. Yes, Sir? Move these people away. Keep everyone away. Yes, Sir. Away. Make way, boys. Call the Hospital and tell them to send an ambulance. Right away. Relax. […]

Escape From Blood Plantation – 1983

Come on Daggi! Let’s speed ahead! What’s your hurry? We’re on vacation! Well, that’s what it’s all about. Look at that beautiful island, shall we weigh anchor? Aye, Aye! Look out all you land lovers, here we come! Oberservation post calling OD, over. Oberservation post calling OD, over. Calling OD. You read me. Over. Observation […]

Christmas Uncensored – 2012

Can you calm down? Go ahead and repeat the song’s lyrics again. Daddy, whats the first line? Silent Night, Holy… Silent Night, Holy night. What are you doing there for so long? Wnat’s this? Where did you put the gifts? In the wardrobe. On the shelf. I already looked there. Did you look under the […]

Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland – 2016

Hi, I’m Alex. I play football for the greatest college in the world, Blue Mountain State University. We excel at three things here, science, social awareness and… I’m kidding. It’s a straight party school, no one goes to class here. This is Sammy, he’s my best friend. That’s Donnie, he likes to drink. Harmon, he […]

Ride Along 2 – 2016

Nick, be good. Ladies, are we having a good time? Shayla, you know you’re my brown sugar Barbie. And you’re my Asian daddy. You’re a naughty girl, Shayla. Wait. I’ll be right back. Don’t tease me. You ready? My God. Okay, jus… Yes. Yes. Bounce the mouse, big daddy! Bounce the mouse! Spank me! You […]

Fotograf a.k.a. Photographer – 2015

KAREL RODEN JAN SAUDEK PHOTOGRAPHER ACTOR How’s that? People want fantasia. Fantasy? Fantasia. I want to know the truth. The truth is interesting to me. Hm… painful. We can’t torture people. Life is not a stroll through the rose garden. Fine, but we’ll rather inflate it a bit, OK? The wife is in fact one’s […]