Уличить браконьера. Хенри Л. Фройнд

Это только в детских книжках слоны, крокодилы и медведи могут уцелеть под натиском человеческой жадности. В реальной жизни, по оценке Международного фонда любителей диких животных, мировой сбыт нелегальных товаров, выделываемых из кожи, меха или кости диких животных, достигает одного-двух миллиардов долларов в год. Но теперь у слонов, морских черепах, медведей-гризли, носорогов и других животных, принадлежащих […]

A retrospective of the rescue of the humpback whale in Massachusetts

Спасение горбатого кита из сетей. Летом 1990 года, кормясь у северной оконечности банки Стеллуаген в штате Массачусетс, в 19 км к юго-востоку от Глостера, 27-тонный кит-горбач запутался в рыболовных сетях. Крепкая прозрачная сеть застряла в пасти кита и, опутав его тело, тянулась за ним 45-метровым шлейфом. Она так застряла в китовом усе, что горбач не […]

The Rezort (2015) zombie movie

Action of the movie happens after a brutal zombie outbreak, which with great difficulty managed to extinguish. Surviving zombies scattered through the forests and gone wild. And people there is a new fun zombie Safari, and now they don’t go on vacation to the resorts with medicinal waters, they are now hunting zombies. Zombies, naturally, […]

Inferno (2016)

Professor Robert Lengdon recovers consciousness in one of the Italian hospitals, having completely lost memory. The local doctor Sienna Brooks tries to help Robert not only to restore memoirs, but also to stop mysterious malefactors who intend to extend a fatal virus. Director: Ron Howard Actors: Tom Hanks, Ben Foster, Felicity Jones, Irrfan Khan, Ana […]

A review of the new Chinese smartphone Huawei P9

*CPU: Hisilicon Kirin OCTA-core 955 (Quad 1.8 GHz + Quad-core 2.5 GHz) *RAM: 3/4 GB *Memory 32/64 GB, microSD slot (combined slot for the second SIM card) *Screen: IPS LCD 5.2 inch, 1920×1080 (full HD) pixel density of 442 pixels per inch *Camera: two 12 MP photo module (one black-and-white), aperture f/2.2, the pixel size […]

Virtual world vs Paranoia

Virtual reality is an effective method of dealing with paranoia, proved by scientists from the University of Oxford. Dive into a stressful situation in a virtual world significantly reduces the level of stress in real. However, psychotherapists and neurologists have long adopted the use of virtual reality and games to combat mental disorders. The study […]

Dead Rising 4 Holiday 2016 – Coming Soon

The action of Dead Rising 4 takes place in the town Wilamette, Colorado, 16 years after the events of the first Dead Rising. The main character, as in the first part, will be the journalist Frank West. The game will be a mode of joint passage four new types of zombies and robotic suit.

The Brothers Grimsby (2016) | spy comedy

The exemplary agent MI-6 Sebastian Grimsby has a useless brother because of whom that unexpectedly fails important confidential operation. The inadequate loser by the name of Nobbi just falls down to the spy the head. He is a city football hooligan. One of the most dangerous murderers, Sebastian, always was aloof and kept away from […]