Business Foundation. (fragment)


Business Foundation. Incidentally, let me remind you again of the fact that the men who founded this business, viz. Mr. John Milliken and Mr. McCutcheon, laid a good foundation upon which it was easy to build. I recall with pleasure telling Mr. McCutcheon on one occasion when he was expressing appreciation of my work that it was no great trick for anybody to build on the foundation which he had laid, and it is well for us to keep that in mind when we are talking of the growth of the business; and in tracing the growth of the business from its small beginnings in 1880 to its present proportions, and it is still a small business, you will under stand i am sure that i am not claiming dial i have been solely responsible for this growth. I have had my share, but only a share, along with others in bringing this about.
In looking back over the years, i think the thing i liked best to do in connection with the business was to buy merchandise. That indeed is what I would like best to do today, and for a period of about twenty years i bought practically all the merchandise that came into the house. I discovered, however, that there were other people who liked that kind of work too, so i turned my attention to other things and left the buying of goods to them, and only occasionally in recent years have i taken anything of consequence to do with that.

During the early war days when Mr. O’Neill of the Hillsborough Linen Co. came along one day and offered us a lot of twenty-two thousand dozen of linen huck towels, (and towels you remember, as well as other linens, were becoming scarce in those war days), Charlie brought the matter to my attention and after some consultation we decided that that would be a good purchase for us to make, and we bought the entire lot. The question was how to pay for that much extra stuff that we had not expected to buy. I went down and told Mr. Simonson of the National City Bank what we wanted to do and why, and without a moment’s hesitation he turned to his secretary and said, “Make a note to give Mr. Speers twenty thousand pounds when he asks for it,” and that was before, but not long before, we had an accout with the National City Bank. Mr. Simonson probably does not remember anything about it… :mail:

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