Eternal Evil of Asia a.k.a. Nan yang shi da xie shu, 1995

Eternal Evil of Asia

Bon goes with his friends on a holiday to Thailand, but they land themselves in hot water in the middle of a battle between sorcerers. The group befriend one of the sorcerers, whose sister falls in love with Bon. She tries to use a love spell to win his heart, but it goes horribly wrong. When the guys go back to Hong Kong, the sorcerer follows them, and decided to murder them one by one. Then he notices Bon’s beautiful bride-to-be, and decides that he must have his way with her. Luckily, a white witch is at hand to help save the day.

Eternal Evil of Asia-1Eternal Evil of Asia-2Eternal Evil of Asia-3

The Eternal Evil of Asia is a Cat 3 film. It’s cheap, exploitative, smutty and gory. It relies on cheap thrills and has very little plot. It knows that men will watch paint dry if it has a pair of outrageous norks. It’s also quite an entertaining movie.

Director: Man Kei Chin
Actors: Kwok-Pong Chan, Ellen Chan, Ben Ng, Gwan Chin etc.
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese
Genre: Comedy, Horror, Fantasy
Time: 89 min

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