Going to School with Father on My Back / Bei zhu baba shangxue qu (1998) Chinese movie

Bei zhu baba shangxue qu (1998)Unable to afford schooling for both his children, a widowed father chooses to send his son Xi-wa to school while forcing his daughter to toil in the fields at home. Tragedy strikes just after Xi-wa comes in first in a national Olympic chemistry competition and Xi-wa must decide between academia and his family. Based upon a true story, Going to School with Dad on My Back focuses on the selfless acts a family must endure to ensure the survival of their brightest and the hope of a better future for all of China.
Bei zhu baba shangxue qu (1998)-2Bei zhu baba shangxue qu (1998)-3Bei zhu baba shangxue qu (1998)-4
Director: Youchao Zhou
Actors: Jiang Hualin, Danchen Yan, Qiang Zhao etc.
Country: China
Language: Chinese
Genre: Drama
Time: 90 min

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