Independence Day: Resurgence / День независимости: Возрождение (2016)

Independence Day Resurgence 2016

Using alien technology, the inhabitants of the Earth have created a special programme for the protection of the planet. But nothing can save us from a new, even more devastating and large-scale alien invasion – only the courage of a few heroes who only can save our world from destruction.
The events take place twenty years after the first film. On the Ground, not fully recovered after the attack in 1996, a new generation who have mastered the technology of the aliens. There is a suspicion that the aliens have left the lighthouse, which again may attract the invaders, but can’t find. The Terrans had organized a global tracking system and the confrontation of possible new attacks on the Ground. Part of the system deployed on the moon, which operates military base. David Levinson heads the system counter the hostile aliens. The son of the hero of the first pictures of Steven Hiller (who died during testing of a hybrid fighter for a few years before the events of the second part) – Dylan – grew up and became a fighter pilot. Combat pilot was the President’s daughter Patricia. Jasmine DuBrow works as a hospital administrator.
New the alien attack on an unprecedented scale. The inhabitants of the Earth will have to forget about borders and differences in mentality to fight back. Using knowledge of alien technology, the humans organize a resistance. Only the will of a few brave men and women stands in the way of foreign aggressors.

Independence Day Resurgence 2016 bdrip download

Director: Roland Emmerich
Actors: Liam Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, William Fichtner etc.
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure
Time: 119 min

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