Комната мёртвых / The Dead Room (2015)

The Dead Room 2015

Комната мёртвых / The Dead Room (2015)

When the scared family runs from the house in the south of New Zealand, two scientists and the young psychic go to explore it. Routine work turns into hell when they face spirit which doesn’t like their invasion.

Before us medium-grade horror film crowded “frightening” moments. Overflowed so that by the end of the movie already and you ceases to shudder. The beginning very promising — a family hasty runs from the house, without having taken with itself even a thing. Three researchers of the paranormal phenomena come to this house to find out what there occurs. Further all movie is extremely monotonous — repeats same. As a result the plot isn’t opened at all. There is the whole heap of questions: “whose it was the house?”, “who lives in him?”, “who and how there has died?”, “why all this occurs?”. To put it briefly, questions which face the viewer in the beginning remain also after one and a half hour viewing of this movie. Whether it is worth looking at him? I think so. He concedes nothing, from my point of view, to the made a noise “Paranormal phenomenon”, it will even be more interesting.
In general, everything quite quite good and naturally. The only thing as it seemed to me, Laura Petersen changes a little. Her character — Halle — behaves somehow unnaturally. Her fear seems grotesque. And here Jeffrey Thomas somehow is too quiet. Or it is silly?

Original Title: The Dead Room
IMDB Rating:4.7
Duration: 80 min
Release Date: 19 July 2019
Country: USA
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Cast: Jed Brophy, Jeffrey Thomas, Laura Petersen etc.
Language: English

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