Mujeres salvajes (1984) women in prison movie

Mujeres salvajes

Women’s prison, in her reign brutal manners, not only the officers mock the prisoners, among them formed a group, the brutal beatings of maintaining its power. Unable to bear this, a group of women escapes from prison in search of buried gold, but faced with the bandits… Those happily raping captives, one of them subjected to barbaric torture, applying to the Breasts and genitals of a crucified captive pungent leaves, thinking that the escapee knew something about a lost gold mine. Unable to bear the torture of scorpions and spiders, which were placed on her defenseless naked body, she talks all about the treasure. Now two groups will face each other in a ruthless struggle for the treasure.
That’s only passed severe school, the girls are not submissive sheep, and very soon the roles change, some bandits killed in battle, others were taken by the girls in captivity, surviving on under the muzzles of the guns, send them naked beauties, forced to kill the excess out of his gang and become slaves in the hands. absolutely not feminine, solid.

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Director: Gabriel Retes
Actors: Tina Romero, Jorge Santoyo, Patricia Mayers, Vicky Vazquez, Gonzalo Lora etc.
Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish
Genre: WIP, Action, Crime, Drama
Time: 78 min

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