Operation Orient / Ishyri dosi… sex (1978)

Operation OrientRussian title: «Операция Восток»
Director: Ilias Mylonakos
Actors:  Annamaria Clementi, Gordon Mitchell, Gianni Gori, Anna Romanou, Rosaria della Femmina etc.
Country: Greece
Language: English
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Time: 88 min

Picturesque Rome, Cyprus, Athens, and the Greek Islands are the pit stops in a risky and fast paced rescue mission.

In the warm climes of the mediterranean, sunseekers rub shoulders with international criminals, jetsetters mingle with drug traffickers, and lovers cross paths with murderers. It is in this setting that suave international drug dealer, Haine Muller, calls a top level strategy meeting to discuss a large shipment of heroin to the United States. His plan is unveiled. A statue, a cultural gift to the U.S. Government, will be stuffed with the Middle East’s purest heroin and shipped through diplomatic channels unnoticed.
Before the scheme can go into action, however, the statue is stolen by a rival gang and all hell breaks loose. Haine unleashes his top lieutenants and a hot pursuit ensues as Haine’s operatives canvas the Mediterranean in search of the priceless booty Laced with international intrigue, treachery, torrid romance, and heartless murder, OPERATION ORIENT is action-filled adventure – European style.

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