Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition for Xbox

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

Ori and the Blind Forest left excellent game which was pleasant to a huge number of gamers. This project had all signs of a hit, and after release he hasn’t brought — expectations were met fully, and it was possible to recommend game practically to all those who appreciate good projects, without exception. Probably, therefore nobody was surprised also by the “content updating” of the game Ori and the Blind Forest under the name Definitive Edition, available yet only on Xbox One. Also there is a wish to tell at once that it is game which is worthy close attention. Even those who have already passed the original.
Ori and the Blind Forest was and remains unique, fascinating beautiful and at the same time extraordinary high-quality game which it is impossible to come off. But at the same time game completely integral, finished therefore it was very difficult to present that it is possible to add to already almost ideal dish that it hasn’t lost the tastes, and has opened from absolutely unusual party. But developers as skilled cooks, have found those ingredients which have made Definitive Edition worthy one more “star of Michelin”. Already improbable game became even better.
To achieve it has appeared not so simply because content had to be added gradually. I don’t know, there was as if a destiny of the updated version if it was just expanded” at the expense of the prequel or the inappropriate sequel, but nobody began to be engaged in such clumsy work and small dot injections thanks to which the project has played new paints have been made.
2 new levels which passing will open a little more history from last Naru have been added, and also will give us access to new abilities which we will use further in game. At first we will appear in Black Root Burrows where there is practically no light and it is necessary to find the way “to the touch”, trying to watch accurately where light gets to manage to take place this part of game up to the end and to receive ability of Dash, that is to make fast breakthroughs on short distances.

Lost Grove on the contrary, meets us by violence of paints and is, on my feelings, one of the most interesting locations of game. It is necessary to pass it together with new ability of Light Burst which will allow and to battle in fights with opponents and to solve puzzles.
After passing of locations to us more history opens, and we can learn in more detail why Naru is helped by Ori at the very beginning of game. Though these subject inserts also don’t change the main line of the project, but without them, after passing of the new edition, game to present already difficult.
Other important innovation in Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition became addition of 4 levels of complexity, instead of uniform complexity which has been put in the main game. Each level of complexity, except “lung”, offers us enough tests that we could play with pleasure game from beginning to end once again. And for those to whom 3 main levels of complexity will seem lungs (I know that it is enough the real hardcore among our readers), there is also a passing option in the mode One Life. Where each wrong move will terminate in the beginning of new game.
Considering that the project from the moment of an exit was rather popular among streamers which like to be engaged in “speedrun“, new levels of complexity surely have to urge on them to test Definitive Edition and to compare the impressions to original release. And the option with one death for those who already begin every time anew just because second somewhere has been lost or two, too for certain will be to the taste.
High-speed passing is promoted also by 2 game abilities stated above new. They considerably accelerate some game moments, allow to reach quicker various places on the screen, to battle more effectively and more actively to move on level. So all have only benefited from their addition.
Have added to game and system of fast movement through Spirit Well that it was possible to move between various game places. It allows to save time, but doesn’t make game more simply, and on the contrary, forces belongs more attentively to where there is a wish to be transferred next time.
In the visual plan also all this has little exchanged one more of the most beautiful games which I ever saw. Developers didn’t try to create the realistic picture, and all beauty which have been added together with new content of Definitive Edition in Ori and the Blind Forest, look still fantastically. There are no analogs all this violence of paints still just.

Released on June 14, 2016.
Platform : Xbox One.

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