Panzer Chocolate (2013)

Search of the stolen works of art turns into a nightmare, when a group of archaeologists stumbles upon a Nazi bunker guarded by a terrible monster. Director: Robert Figueras. Actors: Geraldine Chaplin, Melina Matthews, Ariadna Cabrol, Mark Schardan etc. Country: Spain. Language: English. Genre: Horror. Time: 84 min.

Most Likely to Die (2015)

Ten years later after final the former schoolmates meet to remember school antics among which there was a rigid persecution of one guy. Soon in the house where they were gathered together, start getting killed… Director: Anthony DiBlasi Actors: Chad Addison, Jake Busey, Tess Christiansen etc. Country: USA Language: English Genre: Horror Time: 90 min.

Android the game Pokemon GO – new Gameplay

The season of hunting for Pokemons is open! Long-awaited Android the game Pokemon GO is already knocked on your smartphones! And now, you will be able to join a great tournament Pokemon masters. And, to catch yours of “pocket pokemon”, you will be able directly in the native yard! [admitadGoods img_size=’item-img-thumbnail-small’ img_pos=’img-pull-right’ txt_align=’cpa-text-left’ id=’1137′] And […]

The 9th Life of Louis Drax (2016)

Jamie Dornan, Sarah Gadon, Aaron Paul in the thriller based on the best-selling novel by Liz Jensen. Under observation of doctor Allan gets nine year old boy miraculously survived a fall from the rocks, which probably involved his father. Trying to unravel the mystery boy, Allan resorted to fantastic technologies, exploring the depths of the […]

movie Mechanic: Resurrection (2016)

Can the rebel the one who never left the world of men? Yes, if it’s the hero of the film “Mechanic: Resurrection” Arthur Bishop. Jason Statham, Jessica Alba and Tommy Lee Jones in the action-Thriller Dennis Ganzel. A former hit man Arthur Bishop firmly decides to do away with their craft. But the enemies kidnapped […]

The Infiltrator (2016)

Federal agent Bob Mazur, specialist in the implementation of the criminal groups, aims to reveal the scheme of money laundering of drug cartel Pablo Escobar. One team with a fiery operative Emir Abreu and a young agent Katie Erts, acting as a decoy to Bob, he will pull the risky undercover operation in history. Director: […]

Sausage Party (2016)

Having learned the awful truth about what really happens when products become the elite and leave supermarket walls, the small group led by sausage decides to warn by all means the companions from a supermarket about what waits for them… Director: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon Actors: Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Jonah Hill etc. Country: USA […]

Julieta (2016)

Julieta lives with her daughter Antia. They both grieved the death of a loved one. But the grief doesn’t pull together women, and alienates them from each other. When Antii turns eighteen, she disappears without explanation mother. Julieta in every way tries to find the daughter, but everything that she manages to find, is how […]

In the Deep (2016)

A tense story of survival. Two carefree sisters vacationing in Mexico, decided on an extreme attraction – diving with great white sharks when monitoring predators occurs in their natural habitat. However, the fastening connecting the boat and a special cage with young tourists, is cut off. Now the heroines of 47 metres of water in […]

Кукла / The Boy (2016) film – brief contents

В январе 2016 года в прокат вышел фильм ужасов «Кукла» (The Boy), режиссёром которого является Уильям Белл (William Brent Bell). Фильм зазывал достаточно оригинальной задумкой и нестандартной предпосылкой для развития сюжета. Но, увы, нестандартной и оригинальной её можно назвать только на фоне последних вышедших на данный момент фильмов ужасов. Краткое содержание фильма: Американская няня приезжает […]