Copacabana Mon Amour (1970)

Sonia Silk circulates along Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro, with the great dream of being a singer on the National Radio. She is the sister of Vidimar, employee, enamored by their boss, Dr. Cricket. Sonia Silk sees spirits download in beings and objects and looks for the father-of-holy Joãozinho da Goméia to rid her […]

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger (2016) vampire movie

The senior pupil Lea falls in love with the mysterious girl by the name of Pearl who turns out the vampire what develops into the conflict with mother of the main character, parties on a cemetery and a strange school performance with a large amount of artificial blood. Director: Melanie Aitkenhead Actors: James Franco, Tori […]

Las elegidas (2015)

Mexico. 14-year Sofia is stolen and sent to an underground brothel. Only her guy who needs to find her replacement can rescue her… Director: David Pablos Actors: Nancy Talamantes, Óscar Torres, Leidi Gutiérrez etc. Country: Mexico, France Language: Spanish Genre: Drama Time: 105 min

The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Six particularly dangerous psychopaths that escaped from the local mental hospital, arrange a massacre at an amusement Park. Director: Andy Palmer Actors: Robert Englund, Jere Burns, Scottie Thompson, Chasty Ballesteros, Clint Howard etc. Country: USA Language: English Genre: Comedy, Horror Time: 90 min

Fight Valley (2016) action movie trailer

The body of Tori Koro found in the woods. Windsor, Tori’s sister, arrives in town, where there were all these events to start own investigation. It soon becomes clear that Tori was involved in the illegal women’s fighting without rules. Director: Rob Hawk Actors: Susie Celek, Miesha Tate, Erin O’Brien etc. Country: USA Language: English […]

Уличить браконьера. Хенри Л. Фройнд

Это только в детских книжках слоны, крокодилы и медведи могут уцелеть под натиском человеческой жадности. В реальной жизни, по оценке Международного фонда любителей диких животных, мировой сбыт нелегальных товаров, выделываемых из кожи, меха или кости диких животных, достигает одного-двух миллиардов долларов в год. Но теперь у слонов, морских черепах, медведей-гризли, носорогов и других животных, принадлежащих […]

A retrospective of the rescue of the humpback whale in Massachusetts / Ретроспектива спасения горбатого кита в штате Массачусетс

Спасение горбатого кита из сетей. Летом 1990 года, кормясь у северной оконечности банки Стеллуаген в штате Массачусетс, в 19 км к юго-востоку от Глостера, 27-тонный кит-горбач запутался в рыболовных сетях. Крепкая прозрачная сеть застряла в пасти кита и, опутав его тело, тянулась за ним 45-метровым шлейфом. Она так застряла в китовом усе, что горбач не […]

The Rezort (2015) zombie movie

Action of the movie happens after a brutal zombie outbreak, which with great difficulty managed to extinguish. Surviving zombies scattered through the forests and gone wild. And people there is a new fun zombie Safari, and now they don’t go on vacation to the resorts with medicinal waters, they are now hunting zombies. Zombies, naturally, […]