Slaughterhouse (1987) – Pig nightmare


Business people try to redeem the old thrown and not working slaughterhouse, however the owner Lester Beykon wants to listen and sell nobody a slaughterhouse doesn’t gather. Even society of the sheriff doesn’t decline Lester to sale of the property. As a result of all these circulations Lester has become angry and has set on people of the mentally sick son who can’t talk, lives with pigs and, besides, moves on cards and in every possible way tries to imitate behavior of pigs, including to grunt. In it is a high time the company of the people who have wanted to shoot the movie about invasion of newcomers comes into effect. Naturally for the embodiment of their plan they need a gloomy environment which is a thrown slaughterhouse. They make the way on the territory of a slaughterhouse, and there they are waited by the grunting psychopath murderer.


image 1: Slaughterhouse – 1987


image 2: Slaughterhouse – 1987

The created image of the murderer in the movie has quite rare lines and is unlike many other murderers of a genre. The murderer has big weight, he bears strong indications of mental backwardness — lives with pigs and tries to represent their manners of behavior, including to grunt and run on all fours. At itself he carries a big chopper. Murders in the movie are committed as follows: by means of the chopper which is available for Buddy, throwing in a crusher, use of physical force.
It isn’t necessary to wait from the movie of black humour. Actually here such moment is single. For the rest – a standard slasher. Well unless that the small budget hasn’t held down bloody imaginations of the author, and has allowed to savor the cruel moments. Approximately disgust for two maniacs who are intentionally shown by the most repugnant is also savoured. You are surprised, but it not often happens in slashers. It is possible to consider for pass an innovation. And direction is quite good.
It is one Of those tapes that densely have sat down at a niche of second-grade cinema, but capable to interest in the diligent approach. And still play here not bad.

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