Tag / Riaru onigokko (2015)

Riaru onigokko

Russian title: «Ярлык»
Director: Sion Sono
Actors: Kenny Reina Triendl, Mariko Shinoda, Erina Mano, Ami Tomite, Mao Asou, Mika Akizuki etc.
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Time: 85 min

Tag (2015)

Her our name: Mitsuko, Izumi, Keiko. All, girls. Three classmates? Or of the same school, or no stranger schoolgirl raw of the? Peaceful everyday leaves collapsed suddenly, “climax” is surging at a stretch. Trees in the wind, forest of wind, surging wind. Landscape that not only women. As women. Someone is staring at any time. A number of line-of-sight. It becomes the wind, becomes a ferocious sprint, it becomes a weapon. Heck, of either chased for what?

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