The Amityville Horror (2005)


A young husband and wife tour the rooms of a house with a bizarre history of violence and bloodshed. “There’s nothing like it on the market” the real estate agent tells them. “Not at this price.”
“I just wish so many people hadn’t died here” says the wife. “Houses don’t have memories” her husband answers. Or do they?
“The Amityville Horror” tells the story of an ordeal almost beyond belief: twenty-eight days and nights in a three-story house that showed every terrifying sign of being haunted by an unspeakable evil.
The Lutz family moved into their home in December, 1975.
One year earlier, it had been the scene of a hideous multiple murder – six people, including children, slain by a crazed member of the household. Since that night, the house had stood empty. When the Lutz family moved in, it came back to life… and the horror began.

Based on the book by Jay Anson, whose carefully researched account of the nightmarish events in Amityville has sold more than five million copies, “The Amityville Horror” stars James Brolin and Margot Kidder as George Lutz and his wife, Kathleen. Rod Steiger co-stars as Father Delaney, the Catholic priest whose own life was brushed by the ghostly phenomena surrounding the Lutz experience.

Director Stuart Rosenberg accomplishes a rare artistic feat: constructing a fabric of horror from materials of everyday life. The Amityville house (an exact facsimile of the original, reproduced especially for the making of this film) is slowly, tensely transformed from a common home to a dwelling of almost tangible menace.
What really happened in that house in Amityville? What caused the Lutz family to flee in the night, leaving behind most of their possessions?
Re-live their frightening tale and judge for yourself.

Russian title: «Ужас Амитивилля»
Director: Andrew Douglas
Actors:  Ryan Reynolds, Melissa George, Jimmy Bennett, Rachel Nichols etc.
Country: USA
Language: English
Genre: Horror, Mystery
Time: 90 min

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