The Secret of the Mummy / O Segredo da Múmia (Ivan Cardoso) [1982, Brazil, Comedy, Horror] trailer

Scientist Vitus, ridiculed by the public after the discovery of the elixir of life, decided to devote himself to the reconstruction maps, which was divided into eight parts, and owners of these parts have died under mysterious circumstances. Thanks to this card, Vitus is making an important archeological discovery: in the Sands of Egypt finds the tomb, and in it someone’s mummy. On arrival to Brazil, the mummy comes to life and it turns out that it is the psychopath murderer, possessed by the Ghost of one dancer who once rejected him.

Director: Ivan Cardoso
Actors: Joel Barcellos, Rubem Barra, Carla Bayton etc.
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Genre: Comedy, Horror
Time: 82 min

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