Tom Clancy’s The Division – 2016 | Windows, PlayStation, Xbox

The DivisionIn 2012 the group of the American scientists and politicians has started the project under the name “Dark Winter” — the special program urged to check ability of society quickly to react to attacks of bio-terrorists. Simulation has revealed how quickly everything can collapse, having led to a set of death and full disorder of a civilized society.
Epidemic begins during Black Friday – day of the most mass purchases in a year.

Action of game is developed in New York of the near future, the main events take place in Manhattan, however over time the territory for research will increase. The player will find himself in the heat of crisis — virus attack which elimination of consequences will depend completely on actions of participants of game.
The Division will be constructed in such a way that for the player the workmate who is most suitable him on style will be selected. The size of group will be able to reach four people.
Though game is developed with strong emphasis on a team game and interaction, developers allow a possibility of solo game, but also in this case the world will depend completely on actions of other players.
The cursor of the last generation of Snowdrop allows Tom Clancy’s The Division to set a new level in the field of game realism and rendering of the open world. You will be able to experience the ruined New York it what you never before saw it.

Platform: Windows (7, 8.1, 10), PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
Released on March 8, 2016.

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